An industrial revolution

An industrial revolution

An industrial revolution

From science-fiction to operational reality:

The Factory of the Future applies technologies that were still considered unimaginable a generation ago. The Factory of the Future groups together a wide range of solutions arising from the digital revolution: the connectivity of machines and things, data modelling production and operation, real-time processing of new bulk information, robotics and man/machine interfaces, 3D printing, artificial intelligence… These technologies have an impact on all aspects of the traditional industrial system – from actual production to control and logistics, and include development and even team training. The result of this transformation is a plant redesigned for and around the human being in an optimized working environment in which the operators focus on tasks with high added-value. It is also a plant that meets new business requirements, with shortened development cycles, increased reactivity, productivity gains and improved quality control.

In 2019 Safran devoted €950 million to industrial investment to boost this transformation. In addition to its own transformation, Safran is ensuring that the entire industrial eco-system is also boosted, via the strategic partnerships throughout the supply chain.


“Delivery times, quality, costs: the Factory of the Future is the fruit of a realization that performance must leap forward in our plants in order to improve the competitiveness of our products. This also involves using digital solutions that have led to breakthroughs on a level that hasn't been seen in 40 years. Finally, it is a response to the unprecedented acceleration that the aeronautics industry is undergoing, such as with the new engine for the Airbus A320neo, Boeing 737 MAX and COMAC C919 programs: with 100 deliveries in 2016, we have reached almost 1,800 LEAP® in 2019, with an objective of 2,400 by 2021. Over a 4-year period, this represents growth that was not achieved by its predecessor, the CFM56®, in 20 years.” Olivier Horaist, Safran Industrial and Purchasing Director

Factory Lab partner

Safran is one of the 8 founding members of the Factory Lab platform. Inaugurated in September 2016 at the Paris-Saclay scientific and technological competitiveness cluster, it brings together people involved in research, teaching, industry and now in construction with the objective of testing, under real conditions, the technologies of the Factory of the Future, developed by innovative SMEs. The consortium has just launched its 6th batch of projects and is preparing a 7th, with a total of more than 30 projects, 17 of which have been completed. The current aim is for 10 to 15 annual projects, backed by a 3- to 4-million-euro budget. Since 2018, Safran has been co-chair with PSA.