Augmented reality

Augmented reality

A sixth sense?

Augmented reality involves superimposing, in real time, data and information over a real image, transmitted to the user via a screen or connected goggles. In the production process, this innovative technology enriches the operator’s work environment to save time and improve quality. Along with artificial intelligence (especially for image processing) and a connection to information systems, it helps guide people’s gestures, for example to visualize the actions needed every step of the way, accurately identify the equipment that needs work, change the viewing angle so you can “see” a part that would otherwise be less visible, etc.

Augmented reality avoid wiring inversion errors

100% of wiring inversion
errors avoided
by using augmented reality

Innovation in action at Safran

Among the different projects underway across the Group, Safran Electrical and & Power has developed two especially innovative solutions:

  • A plug-in inspection and aid system, to check cables plugged into connectors, combining augmented reality (real-time information display over a synchronized video stream) and automated image processing to identify anomalies;
  • A troubleshooting tool, designed along with the startups Diota and Win MS, which allows operators to see and locate electrical faults, using a digital tablet, behind the walls in aircraft where many kilometers of wiring are hidden.

Another augmented reality solution has been developed at Safran Nacelles, along with Diota, to optimize the non-destructive testing of composite panels. After a robot checks a part using infrared thermography, software indicates to the inspector the checks still to be carried out, by projecting any non-compliant areas directly on the panel in question (which can measure from 3 to 12 square meters).

Superimposing augmented reality and wiring
Diota: new-gen expertise

Safran acquired a stake in Diota in September 2016 to benefit from this company’s advanced expertise in augmented reality. We have been working with this innovative company, founded in 2009 and now the leading provider of augmented reality software for industry in France, since 2015. Today, Diota serves many companies in a wide range of sectors: aerospace, rail, naval, automotive, chemicals, energy, etc.