Production lines

Production Lines

At Safran, the “Factory of the future“ is now

You don’t have to build a new factory to implement breakthrough production technologies. Safran has largely proven this with the construction of innovative production lines in existing plants, to meet the requirements of the latest programs. Calling on augmented reality, connected tools, touch screens, robots, cobots and more, these production lines already have what it takes to shorten production cycles, reduce costs and improve working conditions.

Line worker using robot on production line

50 % Time savings on the production of turbine blades at Safran Helicopter Engines’ Bordes plant

Innovation in action at Safran

These futuristic technologies can already be seen in action at Safran plants, for example in the Paris suburb of Villaroche, one of Safran Aircraft Engines’ legacy plants, which assembles LEAP engines on two “pulse lines”. These lines feature a digital projection system to help position the components and subassemblies to be assembled, while a patented system holds and rotates the engine horizontally, so that people don’t have to work at heights. In Bordes, southwest France, Safran Helicopter Engines has created its first automated production line for turbine blades, starting with the raw casting and turning out a finished part ready to be assembled on the engine.

Safran offers a host of innovations of this type, including:

  • The first “moving line” in the aviation industry, inaugurated in 2015 at Safran Nacelles in Le Havre, for the A320’s nacelles;
  • Safran Transmission Systems’ gear line at its plant in Colombes (greater Paris area), redesigned for more linear workflows and to integrate an autonomous production center, comprising robotized machining cells;
  • New semi-automated lines for drums and guide vanes at Safran Aero Boosters in Herstal, Belgium, applying the flexible manufacturing system concept. These lines include machining stations with parts supplied by an automated shuttle.
Operator on LEAP assembly line
Recognized excellence

In 2016, both the LEAP assembly Line in Villaroche and the new turbine blade line in Bordes earned the “Showcase for Tomorrow’s Industry” label from the Industry Alliance for the Future, a trade association for the industrial and digital sectors, under the auspices of the French government. This label recognizes companies that have developed an innovative project to organize production, especially by using digital technology.